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Guilty pleasure

Yesterday when I asked my wife if she had taken a nap, she said that she had spent the time eating red corn chips. “I was a kid,” she said, giggling like one. Later, I found the chips and became … Continue reading

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Why Bother?

  Made from decaffeinated espresso and soy milk, it looks great, but the spark is missing.  

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Lament of a small press publisher

After sitting a long day and-a-half, I went round to some of the other publishers and asked: “How’s it going?” and got answers like: ”Oh, slow. I only took in forty bucks yesterday,” and “thirty-five bucks since I set up … Continue reading

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Small press book fairs, a poem

I participated in several small press book fairs between 1975 and 1979 while a member of the board of the Minneapolis Metropolitan Arts Alliance. For some reason I was never able to understand, small press publishers insisted on holding these … Continue reading

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On time

One of my obsessions is being on time. For me that means being early. I used to show up at work an hour early, raising the question: “Why?” My answer, that I enjoy getting to work early made me the … Continue reading

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“Hi there, big boy!”

Her name is Esther. She is eighty-three, has no teeth, and is a burned-out schizophrenic. When I walked into the living room where she was sitting watching TV and called her name, she turned her head, looked up at me … Continue reading

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Two ultra short stories

Nursing Homes and Farting in Public Though the nursing home was comfortable, the care good, and the food excellent, Fred didn’t like it. “Take me home,” he said every time a family member came to visit. When his son arrived … Continue reading

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