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Rain I understand how it is that people think the woods are full of spirits, with the wind, a phalanx of spirits rushing toward me through the treetops. I see individual spirits, too, stepping from tree to tree as I … Continue reading

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A Song

To be sung softly in the morning or before going to bed, to the accompaniment of a flute and an ancient stringed instrument. Night-coming song moon rising Morning-coming song an eagle soars Golden rails run nowhere through the trees A … Continue reading

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Short poems

Mikan Start at the side opposite the stem Open and slowly peel until the flesh is naked and waiting to be devoured. (note: A mikan is a small, easy to peel orange) Ocean The ocean is magnificent sun sparkling on … Continue reading

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What I write and why I write it

I write for one simple reason: I love telling interesting stories about people, the kind of stories that people remember and, hopefully, will pass on to others. Humans have probably told stories for as long as humans have been around. … Continue reading

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Self Publishing, Why and Why Not

This article was first published in the Susan Finlay Writes blog on May 1st, 2015 The link is Back in the old days, “self-publishing” had a bad reputation, and writers who engaged in it were written off as losers … Continue reading

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Snippets #2

A Cure for Crabs Alcohol does funny things to your thinking processes, especially if one has been alcoholic for most of his life. The man I knew had been an alcoholic from the time he was a kid. When I … Continue reading

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