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Microfiction: Pasha

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
She watches as the big brown cat lopes along the guttering and drops out of sight. Pasha wouldn’t be long. He’s as old as she is, she reckons, in cat years. He’s all she…

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Being an author and a book reviewer

Can an author be both? “What a silly question!” you say. Well, yes, it is, except when one does both and has books listed with Amazon. Every once in a while it seems to occur to someone there that they … Continue reading

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The Museo del Prado and Duende

Originally posted on Lorca by Candlelight:
   Duende by Lizzie Eldridge (2014); Cover Image ‘The Divide of Reason’ by Damian Ebejer: Duende is set in Spain 1900-1936. Early on in the novel, the 2 main characters, Nayo and José, visit the…

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The Sacred Place (a poem) ©

Photo: Kirs10 Released into the public domain. en:Category:Images of Minnesota The Sacred Place On Blue Mound, up behind Manfred’s place, rolling hills stretch away to the horizon, broken only by farms, while to the south lies the town of Luverne, … Continue reading

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Cowboy study in canary yellow ©

Yellow boots Yellow pants Yellow shirt Yellow hat Bolo tie White mustache and goatee a beautiful young woman on each arm Smile Only in France In Paris Perhaps . . .

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