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ULYSSES BY THE MERLION (for Maurice Baker) Edwin Thumboo I have sailed many waters, Skirted islands of fire, Contended with Circe Who loved the squeal of pigs; Passed Scylla and Charybdis To seven years…

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A change in direction

Though I’m known as a writer of fiction, I’ve also been writing and publishing poetry since the mid-1970s. I love poetry. Writing poetry is, for me, both joyous and freeing. At this point in my life and career, I am … Continue reading

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psalm 84: dreams of homecoming

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through lit windows i see them. i can even experience however vicariously, their soft contentment as they move back and forth through the glowing warmth of their homes. like sparrows burrowing their nests they seem…

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Two poems

Monarch Yellow Veined Poised Upright Un- Moving Lifting Lofting Dancing Weightless Wings Flying Every afternoon a gray squirrel runs to the edge of the roof tests the distance and the wind and leaps catching the tips of a branch then … Continue reading

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