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“Who did you lose?” Istanbul, 28 June 2016

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? Who did you lose? Was that your husband lying there? With half his head missing. The one who held you in those strong arms for the first time, all those years ago.…

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What having a son is like

It is like standing in front of God with my roots running deep into the earth knowing one day some other man will stand here his roots running into mine rooted and awestruck as I am as all his ancestors … Continue reading

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Lament of a small press publisher

After sitting a long day and-a-half, I went round to some of the other publishers and asked: “How’s it going?” and got answers like: ”Oh, slow. I only took in forty bucks yesterday,” and “thirty-five bucks since I set up … Continue reading

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Days and Nights

The days move swiftly by while the nights move slowly and are filled with dreams.

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Sun and snow

Several years ago while waiting for a bus on a gorgeous sunny morning, snowflakes began to fall. Looking up at the blue sky, I wondered . . . then looked further to the left of where I stood, where,from a … Continue reading

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In his own world

Among a crowd of afternoon shoppers, a man in a blue-green shirt sits by himself tapping on a tiny glass screen  

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Poetry in motion

Not exactly poetry, but clearly motion.

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