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When editor Anita Sundararaj suggested I write a story for a book Professor Mohammad A. Quayum was editing of new Asian short stories, I backed away, saying that I’m not Asian, so probably wouldn’t qualify. She urged me to write … Continue reading

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Lament of a small press publisher

After sitting a long day and-a-half, I went round to some of the other publishers and asked: “How’s it going?” and got answers like: ”Oh, slow. I only took in forty bucks yesterday,” and “thirty-five bucks since I set up … Continue reading

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Where we find the stories in our lives

Looking into this garden, what stories do you see? There are many there, stories of all kinds; all you and I have to do is look for them: stories for children, for adults; love stories;  stories of sadness and loss. … Continue reading

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Ask the Monkey

The way I write a story is simple: what (or who) is the story about (a person, an event, a location, a specific time in history), and who is the main character? Once I have that, the story pretty much … Continue reading

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What I write and why I write it

I write for one simple reason: I love telling interesting stories about people, the kind of stories that people remember and, hopefully, will pass on to others. Humans have probably told stories for as long as humans have been around. … Continue reading

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Upcoming interview on Facebook

I’ll be on Facebook from April 10th at 10AM to April 12th at 1PM to answer questions about my latest book and my career as a writer and author. Drop by, ask questions, share, and talk about writing, reading, and … Continue reading

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A writer’s life

Yep, a writer sits at his machine, thinks, then puts words down on paper, hoping that, when finished, the effort will be worthwhile. Hopefully, someone will like what he or she has written. Perhaps a crowd of someones will. The … Continue reading

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