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The ancient cypress tree

The first time he saw the tree, he was so overawed by its size and shape that he stared at it until people around him began to ask each other what the gringo could possibly find so interesting in that … Continue reading

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An unforgettable “Black Friday” holiday book event

Writing, like reading, is often a solitary thing. A writer sits at a computer, fingers moving over a keyboard creating stories for you and me and our children and grandchildren to enjoy. Our lives are far richer for having books. … Continue reading

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“Dinner at Eric the Red’s,” a love story from the novel

“It’s for you,” Caridad Vargas said. “It’s Dr. Galván. I don’t know what he’s calling about. He didn’t say.” “I want you to join me for dinner this evening, Dr. Manning. At that Scandinavian restaurant on Reforma. Eric el Rojo. … Continue reading

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Appetite , a poem © 2014 by George Polley

As far as the eyes can see, an endless green field in which six young men lay sleeping in the sun. A seventh runs up, looks, and lays down, sunning himself. As far as the eyes can see a green … Continue reading

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