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Guilty pleasure

Yesterday when I asked my wife if she had taken a nap, she said that she had spent the time eating red corn chips. “I was a kid,” she said, giggling like one. Later, I found the chips and became … Continue reading

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What is at the top of those stairs?

— Photo by Pat Lively What kind of story would you write if you walked by this gate? Think about it. What kind of images appear? Now sit down and begin writing, and let me know what came (or is … Continue reading

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Body of Evidence, a Sherlock Holmes and Mactavish Mystery ©

“Why a cat?” you ask. Because they’re notorious snoops. Why a Scottish Fold cat? Because a neighbor in Seattle had one that I named MacTavish and sent out Christmas greetings in his name. So . . . when I decided … Continue reading

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The Teacher, a story

“I have wanted to teach children since I was a young girl,” she said. “When I first attended school — what we call ‘kindergarten’ today — I’d sit there thinking: ‘What teacher does looks like so much fun!’ I was … Continue reading

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