This page showcases my mother’s work (Marie Gerard Polley, 1905-1990), in honor of her memory and what she taught me about art. The other painting, of the three horses, charcoal on board, circa 1890, is by her grandmother, Effie Bill Emerson, a self-taught painter. Our communities and neighborhoods have many fine artists in them, whose work is unknown except to family members and others fortunate enough to have inherited or purchased their work. I wish to introduce the work of these two women so that you, too, may enjoy them. If you’re curious about other  paintings my mother did, you can find them in my Facebook page. Like fiction and poetry, painting is an act of creation, one that had deeply influenced my writing and my life.

“Rainy Day,” by Marie Gerard Polley


This painting, done when my mother was in her sixties, is entirely different from anything else she has ever done. To me, it is spellbinding. I can smell the rain and feel the wetness of it. The original belongs to my eldest son, Malcolm.

Running horses, by Effie Bill Emerson, my great-grandmother

Horses, EB Emerson

Paintings by Marie Gerard Polley

iPhoto Library

Marie Gerard Polley painting of pansies


Horses, EB Emerson_0006

5 Responses to Art

  1. Paul Bauck says:

    She was a wonderful artist. We enjoy her paimting every day.

  2. Susan Finlay says:

    Lovely artwork, George. Thanks for sharing.

  3. John Holt says:

    Very very good George. I especially liked the second and the last

  4. PD Allen says:

    Very nice. Some of her landscapes remind me of my great grandfathers watercolors.

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