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The Gift

“My son had a bright red Mazda like yours,” she said, stopping and looking at mine. “Yours is the first one like it I’ve seen since. I lost him last year. He was only fifty-one. A fast-growing cancer took him.” … Continue reading

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“Hi there, big boy!”

Her name is Esther. She is eighty-three, has no teeth, and is a burned-out schizophrenic. When I walked into the living room where she was sitting watching TV and called her name, she turned her head, looked up at me … Continue reading

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Two ultra short stories

Nursing Homes and Farting in Public Though the nursing home was comfortable, the care good, and the food excellent, Fred didn’t like it. “Take me home,” he said every time a family member came to visit. When his son arrived … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes and the Blue Clasp, a Holmes and MacTavish story

“I must say, Holmes,” Dr. Watson said, ” the object you’re holding is definitely blue. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a blue quite like it. Where did you find it?” “MacTavish found it,” replied Holmes. “It was lying halfway … Continue reading

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The Man with a Knife, a Holmes and MacTavish crime story ©

Whoever heard of a cat saving a person from harm? Holmes and I hadn’t either, but two weeks ago that all changed. We had just turned down Baker Street when we heard a woman scream, looked up and saw a … Continue reading

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A humorous flash fiction story, “Pavlov’s Man”

Pavlov’s man is my friend. We worked together for several years in an office in Seattle, Washington. In fact, we started there on the same day. He got the big corner office, and I got the office next door. His … Continue reading

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© 2014 by George Polley The woman seemed to be looking at them as her eyes appeared to move from one person to the next, then back again. “Can she see us?” “No. From her side, it’s a mirror.” “Then … Continue reading

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