When a monkey walks into an old man’s life, everything changes, and it’s all for the better. “One of the most amazing and moving pieces I have ever read,” writes author and editor Tim Roux. “It makes you look within to find the best that you can be. It gets better every time I read it and grounds me once again.”  — Jean Sullivan Available from


After a big raven buzzed me one morning as I set out on a walk, I sat down at my computer and, twenty-one stories later, this is the result. About the raven, poet Wendy MacLean had this to say: He “is a wise shadow to the trusting kindness of the old man.” Reader Shawn M. Clankie wrote” “George Polley’s stories are like that piece of chocolate that you have with your afternoon cup of coffee… short, sweet, and leaving you wanting another piece.” Available from


Bear book cover V3-1




When young Andy Lindquist receives a new dog for his birthday, he is in for quite an adventure. Named Bear because he looks like one, Bear leads his pal on a series of interesting adventures and challenges. Loved by everyone but a local obnoxious  talk show host, Bear becomes a local hero.

Watch for Bear’s appearance, summer of 2014, in both Kindle and paperback editions.

My stories in other books


When I submitted my story about a Tokyo artist to Mohammad Quayum, I thought the chances of his selecting it were slim, as I knew he was likely to get more than 100 entries, which he did. Amazingly, my story, “Seiji” was selected. To read it, and the twenty-four other stories in this fine collection, click on this link. Shipping, from The Book Depository, is free.


Out of the fourteen stories in this collection, seven of them are mine: “Adventure of the Feline Assistant”, “The Neverbody Business”, “Sherlock Holmes and the Holiday in Brighton”, ” Body of Evidence”, “The Sinister Monk”, “The Man With a Knife, or, “MacTavish Saves a Neighbor”, and “Sherlock Holmes and the Blue Clasp.” Six of the stories feature MacTavish, a big orange-and-black Scottish Fold cat that gives Holmes and Dr. Watson very able assistance in solving crimes. To buy a copy, click on the link below.

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