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The first time he saw the tree, he was so overawed by its size and shape that he stared at it until people around him began to ask each other what the gringo could possibly find so interesting in that … Continue reading

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Hana’s Cube Adventure

  I don’t know about you, but I like adventure stories, especially ones where I learn something new, like “What is a cube?” What is a cube, anyway, and what can you do or make with a cube? In this … Continue reading

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The Old Man and The Monkey

© 2016 by George Polley All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without … Continue reading

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Ask the Monkey

The way I write a story is simple: what (or who) is the story about (a person, an event, a location, a specific time in history), and who is the main character? Once I have that, the story pretty much … Continue reading

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What I write and why I write it

I write for one simple reason: I love telling interesting stories about people, the kind of stories that people remember and, hopefully, will pass on to others. Humans have probably told stories for as long as humans have been around. … Continue reading

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Two vignettes

All stories come from life as we live, observe and participate in it. These are two stories among many I’ve come to know over the years, especially the years I spent doing nursing  home consulting. When I was asked several … Continue reading

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Upcoming interview on Facebook

I’ll be on Facebook from April 10th at 10AM to April 12th at 1PM to answer questions about my latest book and my career as a writer and author. Drop by, ask questions, share, and talk about writing, reading, and … Continue reading

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Jonah’s Birth, a story

And the moon came round the earth and showered down sparks. And the Whale slapped the waters with His tail. And there sprang forth clouds from the spray that flew therefrom. And the Whale split the waters. And land rose. … Continue reading

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The day was a hot and cloudless, much like the many that had preceded and have followed it. I was sitting in my living room, reading, when a friend stopped by and suggested that we walk down to Lake Calhoun … Continue reading

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Requiem for Blue, a story

It’s been ten years since I drove through that neighborhood and ran across the old man, sitting in the window and staring out into the bleak winter street. Ten years, and I can still remember him as clearly as if … Continue reading

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