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The first time he saw the tree, he was so overawed by its size and shape that he stared at it until people around him began to ask each other what the gringo could possibly find so interesting in that … Continue reading

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When editor Anita Sundararaj suggested I write a story for a book Professor Mohammad A. Quayum was editing of new Asian short stories, I backed away, saying that I’m not Asian, so probably wouldn’t qualify. She urged me to write … Continue reading

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What is at the top of those stairs?

— Photo by Pat Lively What kind of story would you write if you walked by this gate? Think about it. What kind of images appear? Now sit down and begin writing, and let me know what came (or is … Continue reading

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The old man and the monkey, a story about friendship

As everyone knows, monkeys are pests, and can sometimes be dangerous, so when a friendship developed between old Genjiro Yamada and a large monkey he named Yukitaro, his neighbors objected. Yet nothing bad happened. In July of Genjiro’s eightieth year, … Continue reading

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Jonah’s Birth, a story

And the moon came round the earth and showered down sparks. And the Whale slapped the waters with His tail. And there sprang forth clouds from the spray that flew therefrom. And the Whale split the waters. And land rose. … Continue reading

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Requiem for Blue, a story

It’s been ten years since I drove through that neighborhood and ran across the old man, sitting in the window and staring out into the bleak winter street. Ten years, and I can still remember him as clearly as if … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes and the Blue Clasp, a Holmes and MacTavish story

“I must say, Holmes,” Dr. Watson said, ” the object you’re holding is definitely blue. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a blue quite like it. Where did you find it?” “MacTavish found it,” replied Holmes. “It was lying halfway … Continue reading

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The Man with a Knife, a Holmes and MacTavish crime story ©

Whoever heard of a cat saving a person from harm? Holmes and I hadn’t either, but two weeks ago that all changed. We had just turned down Baker Street when we heard a woman scream, looked up and saw a … Continue reading

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Body of Evidence, a Sherlock Holmes and Mactavish Mystery ©

“Why a cat?” you ask. Because they’re notorious snoops. Why a Scottish Fold cat? Because a neighbor in Seattle had one that I named MacTavish and sent out Christmas greetings in his name. So . . . when I decided … Continue reading

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Adventure of the Feline Assistant, a Holmes and MacTavish mystery tale ©

“Holmes, is that you?” “Shhh,” the figure replied in a nearly inaudible whisper. Dr. Watson looked about in the half light. The street was empty except for himself, Sherlock Holmes,and a large orange-and-white cat with a round face, huge orange … Continue reading

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