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Why did these men in black steal my house with all my things in it, saying my house is theirs, that it belonged to their family before it belonged to mine? How could that be, as my great-grandfather Hamid built … Continue reading

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Old love

How long has it been? Looking back, so much has happened since we met sixty years ago when you were twenty and I was sixteen. We married one year later in the village church, with everyone gathered around — aunts, … Continue reading

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Little one

Who are you, little one, and where is your mother? Are you lost, or just exploring, as my children used to do? Is that your mother I hear calling? It must be, as you cock your head, turn and go. … Continue reading

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Being old

Being old happens when you live long enough, the hair on your head turning white or falling out; your steps, once confident, falter, so you carry a cane with a spike on the end so when the snow falls and … Continue reading

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Hokkaido Owl

Looking down from her perch in the tree, she waited. Then, seeing movement in the forest bed, she opened her wings and, falling, grasped the tiny animal in her talons. It was enough for her two little ones, awaiting her … Continue reading

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Every little once in a while

                Every little once in a while there is a song, a murmur, a hope. Every little once in a while there is life, and singing, and cheer. If what you want is … Continue reading

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What is a family? Is it made up of people related by blood, or does it include friends? My family includes both — a hodgepodge of people, a cousin here, my brother and his wife, a nephew and a niece, … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasure

Yesterday when I asked my wife if she had taken a nap, she said that she had spent the time eating red corn chips. “I was a kid,” she said, giggling like one. Later, I found the chips and became … Continue reading

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Blue sky

Outside, a clear blue sky, not a cloud anywhere, the bluest of blue lighted by a bright winter sun.  

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    Jerk is a word that shows contempt. We don’t talk with jerks, we ridicule them, push them away, and call them names. So when I read an article online about an elector on his state’s electoral college who … Continue reading

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