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  What he remembered was the air raid siren, then running through a wall of flames. Mother, holding little sister close to her breast, ran next to him. He remembered stumbling over bodies and nearly falling down. Then they were … Continue reading

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Every little once in a while

                Every little once in a while there is a song, a murmur, a hope. Every little once in a while there is life, and singing, and cheer. If what you want is … Continue reading

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What is a family? Is it made up of people related by blood, or does it include friends? My family includes both — a hodgepodge of people, a cousin here, my brother and his wife, a nephew and a niece, … Continue reading

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psalm 90: your so-called fortress

Originally posted on Yedid Nefesh:
you’ve been my refuge, or so i’ve been told from the day i first learned how to sing, from the day they first taught me those rapturous hymns to my stronghold, my fortress, my shield. you…

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Blue sky

Outside, a clear blue sky, not a cloud anywhere, the bluest of blue lighted by a bright winter sun.  

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    Jerk is a word that shows contempt. We don’t talk with jerks, we ridicule them, push them away, and call them names. So when I read an article online about an elector on his state’s electoral college who … Continue reading

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At Starbucks, Naebo Aeon Shopping Mall, Sapporo

Music and chatter in the background. On the “street” in front, people pass by, reminding me of a sidewalk cafe years ago in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa. The main difference, aside from language, is no coffee with cinnamon here.  

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