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Taking Leave

  Looking at her first born, she remembered those six long years of wondering if she and her husband would have a child. Perhaps they had tried too hard, as when they stopped trying, her pregnancy stayed, and her son … Continue reading

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We keep saying we have no other course. What we should be saying is we are not bright enough to see any other course.      

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  In the distance white clouds spill over the mountains and into the valley below

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New poem published

New poem, “Palestine, an unfinished history” just published on June 5th in “The Palestine Chronicle”. Click on the link to read it and comment both there and here.    

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No title

  Around me many voices chattering. In the background, someone sings 

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What having a son is like

It is like standing in front of God with my roots running deep into the earth knowing one day some other man will stand here his roots running into mine rooted and awestruck as I am as all his ancestors … Continue reading

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Lament of a small press publisher

After sitting a long day and-a-half, I went round to some of the other publishers and asked: “How’s it going?” and got answers like: ”Oh, slow. I only took in forty bucks yesterday,” and “thirty-five bucks since I set up … Continue reading

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