To Thine Own Self Be True

As a writer, thinker and appreciator of nearly every genre of music and writing, this post is something I couldn’t pass up, so am sharing it with my readers.

Good Music Speaks

“I don’t know that we owe God or nature a death, but nature will collect anyway, and we certainly owe mediocrity nothing, whatever collectivity it purports to advance or at least represent.”

Harold Bloom, How to Read and Why

In my last post entitled “Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf”, I proposed a solution to the arguments about forming a canon of music/literature/art in Western culture.  I said simply, “Read everything.  Listen to everything”  That is very straightforwardly stated, but really oversimplified.  There are only so many hours in the day, and so many years in a lifetime.  There is not time to literally read everything ever written and listen to every bit of music ever sounded.  Certainly not (as the esteemed Mr. Bloom points out in the above quote) before nature collects our death.  Life is short.  Read great books, drink better beer and listen to Good Music.  When I…

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Originally from Seattle, I now live in Sapporo, Japan, where I write, explore this city, read widely, and ask questions about things that i see as important. I'm also an author, with three novels published ("The Old Man and The Monkey", "Grandfather and The Raven", and "Bear: a story about a boy and his unusual dog"). For more information about my writing, drop by my website, at
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