Finding a story in a painting

Horses, EB Emerson_0006

Artist: Marie Gerard Polley

What story do you find in this painting. There are dozens lurking there in the reeds, calling from the center, from what I call the “vortex” that has pulled me in from the moment my mother first showed this painting to me. What lurks there in the reeds, along the trail that calls and calls? What is at the end of the trail, in the beyond?

Stories lurk in paintings, as they do in any scene. I love art, so I study paintings, trying to see what the artist saw, what attracted him or her to a particular thing or place, and what attracts me. Paintings are stories, told in pencil, paint and ink. They are an artist’s way of telling stories. It was my mother’s way of telling stories using ink, water-colour, oils and acrylics, she sketched, drew and painted. My way is through words. What is yours?


About gwpj

Originally from Seattle, I now live in Sapporo, Japan, where I write, explore this city, read widely, and ask questions about things that i see as important. I'm also an author, with three novels published ("The Old Man and The Monkey", "Grandfather and The Raven", and "Bear: a story about a boy and his unusual dog"). For more information about my writing, drop by my website, at
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